Liberty Is Morality

Yes this is primarily a Gear Review site with some other odds and ends thrown in.  However, occasionally, I throw a little brain food out there to change things up.  This is one of those times.  I’ve been sickened by the loss of liberty in this country, I see it every day.  So I threw together a little diatribe.  if you enjoy it, share it.   As a soldier, this needs to be said.  I have brothers and sisters dying around  the world and it sickens me.


Liberty IS Morality

There is a great truth in the world that the distancing and destruction of individual liberty has made most people forget over the last couple of hundred years. Basic human rights. The rights you have are not granted by a piece of paper or by a government. They are granted to you by nature, by birth and by your equality among your fellow human beings. Not by the location chance happened to put you, at birth, on this planet. Those rights can easily and simply be summed, as in our declaration of independence as “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. That is it. Nothing more, nothing less. Over time we seem to have forgotten this.

The simplest way I’ve found to examine this topic is to discuss the morality of those who destroy liberty (whether purposely or out of ignorance). Once you understand something is immoral (Slavery for example), it’s pretty easy to change your mind. Morality is one of the strongest bonds of liberty we have. How do you stop the bully? You get him to understand his acts are immoral, it is far more effective than any other method.

Not everyone is moral, and no amount of force can make those people moral. However, as long as we have liberty, we can easily defend ourselves from those immoral people. Thus we note that liberty once again is the single most important protector of human life. Without it, we are slaves to someone.

Let us start with the simple idea of theft. We all know theft is immoral. (On that I bet we can all agree 100%) You cannot take from someone without that persons consent or you are committing an immoral act. Does it matter if you are the one holding the gun, or if you use the proxy of a mob to have someone else hold the gun?) Thus, every human being has to make a choice to be a moral person or an immoral person. It really is that simple. If you force your ideas on another human being via the proxy of the mob, you have taken their liberty. The only act more immoral than taking someone’s liberty would be to take their life. (Yet without liberty, haven’t you taken their life in a way?)

So think about that. Ask yourself the question, have you done anything that enables the loss of liberty for another human being? If so, it is can’t be changed, what’s done is done, the past is in the past etc. Understanding the error is the first step. But what can you do going forward to not commit that act again? That is the question I want everyone to ponder. How do you go forward and be a moral person? How do you go forward and not take liberty from anyone?

In this case, it’s what you don’t do that can far supersede anything that you can do. You can give money, donate time etc., etc., but none of that makes up for the taking of someone’s liberty. Thus the first step is to not take the liberty of another human being. You easily surpass the little things you can do. Liberty, everyone deserves it, whether you like them, or agree with them or share the same philosophies, ideologies or political views. Everyone deserves liberty.

Liberty. There is a reason it is the single most fought for ideal in American history.  Our ancestors fought to the death for liberty, our brothers and sisters have fought and died for liberty both on American soil and around the world. What bigger disservice can we do than dishonor their memories by throwing liberty aside for political ideologies? To use force through the proxy of the mob to have our own ideas forced on others and remove their liberty.


Liberty, Say it again, Liberty:   The sound alone is enough to make a man proud to be alive. As a soldier, I was prepared to give my life for liberty. I don’t expect that from anyone, but I do expect everyone to look at their own actions and do their best to not take liberty from another person. If the majority (The mob, however you wish to define it) took this stance, this could once again be the greatest bastion of liberty the world has ever known.

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One response to “Liberty Is Morality

  • danilocuellar2013

    Wonderful post Donald! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it! You have a very clear and direct writing style. It is most refreshing. Keep up the awesome work! Cheers! 🙂

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