It’s a New Year

Now that the hectic season of holiday madness is behind us, we can move on with our lives again.  I have to say that 2011 was a terrible year for myself and many people I know, the economy caused some problems, some truly idiotic legislation made it through (Thanks you worthless POS politicians) and there seemed to be a high number of deaths.   2012 is going to be better, Right?  Well, I’m making a solemn vow to make my own 2012 better.   I’m not making any new years resolutions, I’m just going to follow the plan I got a little away from at the beginning of 2011.  Kick some debt ass, fix some broken things, and spend as much quality time with my family as humanly possible.   That’s enough for me.  I have a 3 year plan to get out of debt that was kaboshed in 2011, so i’m a year behind it now.  Gonna get that back in gear.   I’ve actually made some progress on a few side projects, documentation for starters.  My biggest concern is organization.  I start off every project increadibly organized, and by the time I get 1/2 way through, it looks more like an inside out turkey.   Gotta work on that a bit.

Finally getting some quality time in on a few items so I can get the reviews up.

Hope everyone elses 2012 exceeds 2011 by an exponential factor.



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