Follow up on Bear Grylls knife with Mods

After the last review, I did a few mods to the knife.  I added some cordage to the ferite rod so it wouldn’t get lost.  The cordage stuffs between the sheath

Cordage Tucked

and the canvas hanger so it doesn’t get snagged.   It has saved the rod at least 3 times since I put it on.   But I find myself using this knife inverted on my pack now rather than on my belt which keeps it accessible but doesn’t get it hung up as much as on my belt.

Cordage tied to ferrite rod

Also, after reviewing the CRKT M21 earlier, I was contacted by Tom Veff, the fellow who created the Veff serations on the M21 and various other CRKT knives.  Tom is an “Edgologist”, the man can sharpen better than anyone I’ve ever seen.  But on top of that, his Veff serations are the best serations I’ve ever used on a knife.  Well, since I wasn’t happy with the generic serrations on the Gerber, I sent the knife to Tom to have him install his Veff serrations on it.  I just got it back today, (Very quickly I might add).   To say I’m amazed is an understatement.  The over-sized Veff serrations that replaced the old serration are just amazing.  They are sharper than any blade I’ve ever held in my hand.  I can’t wait to get out in the field and use this knife.Tom runs a sharpening service (See him at Veff Sharpening at  When he isn’t designing the best serrations the planet has ever seen, he is making sharp things sharper.  Check him out if you get a chance.  He also has a sharpening tool set called the Veff Sharp (Sold through CRKT) that I hope to get my hands on in the next couple of weeks.  This is a simplified tool set for sharpening serrations and other odd or small blades.

Look at the polish and workmanship on his update to this knife.   Absolutely perfect.   And the custom job is even sharper than the factory job on the CRKT M21 when I purchased it, which just absolutely amazed me.

Tom can add these seration to a straight knife, or replace the dinky useless little serations on any other knife as he did with this Gerber.

A big shout out to Tom for his great work.   The man knows sharp like nobody else.  I can’t wait to cut stuff with my newly modified knife.

Closeup of the increadible Veff serations

Look at that customized knife, great work Tom

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3 responses to “Follow up on Bear Grylls knife with Mods

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  • Tom Veff

    On this day, July 5,2012, I received an email from a man that referred to your posting about this knife. Until now I was not aware that you had made a posting praising my work the way that you did. I am so pleased to hear that you are more than satisfied with the oversized Veff -Serrations that I installed on your knife. I also appreciate your comment on the very high polished, surgically sharp, convex edge that I produce.
    I am a blessed man and love what I do!
    Thank you very much for your posting!
    Best regards,
    Tom Veff

    polish surgically sharp convex edge that I produce

  • Docwatmo

    Well deserved praise Tom, I have said it before and will say it again, Veff serrations are the best serrations I’ve ever used, hands down. Glad to spread the word on them.

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