Just wanted to take a minute to send a special thank you out to all my brothers and sisters serving this great nation.  Your job is tough and dangerous, but your special people for doing it.   Thank you.

Also wanted to say a special thank you to all my family and friends around the world.   I don’t necissarily subscribe to to the traditions of thanksgiving, but I certainly take some time out of this wonderful day of to be thankfull for what I have, the wonderful people I’m surounded with, the friends I have all over the country and around the world.

I am also thankful to the special family of people I have over at The Survival Podcast Forum.   A better group of friends and compatriots would be hard to find.  Check them out at The Survival Podcast Forum, Hang out, read some useful information and learn a thing or two, then join the forum.  Everyone has unique experiences and knowledge and everyone has something to contribute.  The bigger this family gets, the better off we all can be.

Also, check out the other bloggers on my blogroll to the right.  These people all come from the TSP Forum and have amazing blogs, well worth your time to check out.

Thanks for checking out my blog everyone.  I’ll be back to reviews come this weekend.


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One response to “Thanksgiving

  • The Wilderness

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Doc.

    I agree about the TSP forum, it has brought all of us misfits together and created a very close nit family. The level of love and support that we get from TSP members is amazing


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