High end portable battery power for your phones (or any USB device for that matter).

Just prior to the summer camp this last summer (I’m a Boy Scout leader and spend a week every year a at a camp with the scouts in my troop) I purchased battery pack.  You see, by day I’m an IT Manager for an electric cooperative, and I’m on call 24/7/365.  So you can imagine my need for constant connectivity with the office is pretty great.   I’m in luck (or maybe unlucky) that the location for most local camps has cell phone reception.  I run smart phones and the battery typically lasts about 18 hours, but at camp the phone will roam for a signal which chews the battery up in about 6 hours.   So I had good luck with the little solar charge (SBC-10) which gave me one ½ charge, but didn’t recharge via solar fast enough to be useful for extended period.  (It still works great if you leave it on your dashboard and grab it to go).

So I went out and did a little digging and found a more powerful device.  The Tekkeon MP3450.   It’s a bit expensive (Runs retail about $140 on Amazon).

But this thing has adapters for most laptops and will supplement power to a laptop.  I only tested this once and it bought me about an extra 2 hours or so on my Fujitsu tablet.   However, the real benefit of this guy is charging my phone.  I was able to fully charge my phone 8 times with this before the battery was depleted.   That’s 8 FULL charges form a battery pack that is the size of your outstretched hand and weighing in at only 1 lb.  Just plug your USB device into a USB cable and plug it into this device.

The device automatically resets to the lowest required power draw for whatever device is plugged in so you can’t over charge your device.  (This also extends the battery in case you leave a device plugged into it for too long.

I will be conducting further testing with this pack.   It is an expensive power option, but if you need to have flexible power EVERYWHERE, this device works.

You charge it at home typically but you can charge it off of compatible laptop power supplies also so you would not have to carry the power brick for it with your laptop to charge.

It comes with 9 different tips and fits most laptops.  (Check the website for details http://www.tekkeon.com).

It does come with a cheesy pleather type slip cover, but I keep mine in a pelican clear case like this. 

If your looking for solid, long term dependable power, this guy will get the job done.   Supplement this with a solar charge (Review coming up) and you’ll always have power when you need it.

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3 responses to “High end portable battery power for your phones (or any USB device for that matter).

  • Fritz

    Pretty cool power option. That’s kind of on the expensive side. But if I needed it for work and if they would pay for it, I’d get it.

  • iDel

    The review on Amazon isn’t very promising.. Recall notice for a flame out? Warranty replacement “with a sneer”

    It does sound like a good piece of hardware,.. but curious to see how it holds up. I’d like to add – I’m not one for always taking the word of a unknown reviewist over someone known…

    Thanks Doc.

    • Docwatmo

      I’ve been going at it since June with no problems. I will continue to use it and update with any changes in the results. Hopefully it holds up in the long term, but only time will tell. I’ll let you all know if anything goes awry with it. 🙂

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