A new phone

I’ve been using an HTC touch pro windows 6.5 phone along with a 7 inch Archos android tablet as well as several models of droid phones at work. My contract was up yesterday and the new phone arrived today. I’m normally agnostic with computing devices, don’t care who makes them or what OS they are running. however I’ve become a little disalusioned with the droid platforms klunky interface.

So I decided to try the new Windows phone. When I received the phone, it was windows 7, but an hour later I had it upgraded to 7.5 (Mango). I have to say I was VERY pleasantly surprised. It had almost no learning curve. the first thing I downloaded was the WordPress blog app (which I used for this post). I’ll do a full review once I’ve put the phone through its paces. Got lots of gear piled up ready to be tested. Blogging is a somewhat new concept for me, but I’ll keep striving to do better.

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