CRKT M21-14SFG EDC Knife

This is a $40 knife that acts like a $100 knife.   (Its on sale at Amazon for about $40 right now) I’ve had this guy on my pocket for a little over a year now as my Every Day Carry (EDC) knife.   I use it every day as a utility knife.  Sure, it’s meant to be a “Tactical Folder” but the features that make it good for a soldier (and subsequently good for self-defense) also make it AMAZING for the average guy (or gal).   The first thing you notice about this knife when it comes out of the box is the size; it’s a full size folder.  It’s just over 5 1/4 inches closed with blade length of 3.8 inches.   Make no mistake this is a big knife.  For EDC it’s the biggest I would recommend to someone (if you have small hands this may be a bit too big, the handle fits my massive meat hooks (I’m 6 foot 3, 280 lbs. with large hands) perfectly though.  The second thing you notice is the weight, it’s not “Heavy” and not “Light”, it’s in the perfect middle ground.  (Mine is the G10 handle, the aluminum models are more expensive but a little lighter).  It feels like a knife in your hand as it should.


The second thing that catches your eye is the double hilt designed to prevent the hand from slipping onto the blade during stabbing or heavy use.   This is a tactical trapping that takes a little getting used to.  Normally I don’t like an upper hilt on an EDC knife as it can get in the way of doing fine detail cutting work, but the hilt just isn’t big enough to interfere with most daily use of the knife.   It also makes opening the knife incredibly easy and fast one handed.  the one downside I’ve discovered, is the cut of the pants pocket can be an issue.  I have 1 pair of pants with a very “Steep” pocket cut, and on occasion the hilt will catch on the cut.  This is not a major problem as that is 1 pair of slacks out of a dozen pairs of pants, but if you pockets opening are angled very high, it can catch.  It does ride very low as well, great for concealing, without interfering with grabbing).

Next up is the serrations.  I’m also not normally a fan of serrations on an EDC knife; I don’t mind them on survival knives or backup knives etc.  But I like a lot of clean edge on my daily use knives for cutting.   However, the patented Veff-Serrations, (named after Tom Veff who designed them)  it is hands down the best serration I’ve ever used.  It has two things going for it above and beyond typical serrations.  First, its large enough to cut like sharks teeth, just tears right through anything you put it up against,  Literally 1/2 the motion or cutting is required on anything I’ve used this knife to cut.   Second, it’s EASY to sharpen the serrations.

Unlike most serrations that are either too small to sharpen or you have to have special tools to sharpen, any small round diamond or dog bone sharpener that will fit in the groove can re-sharpen these serrations.   They are simple to keep sharp.  The thing I use them most for is plastic blister packs.   Everything you buy today comes in those damn plastic blister packs that are a pain to open.  A straight edge knife works but tends to slip a bit.  The curve of the Veff-serations holds the plastic in the middle of the serration and just slices through them like butter.  I’ve literally opened 500 blister packs with the serrations and have only sharpened them 1 time.  This is the only serration I will ever purchase on a knife again.

The knife has double thumb studs but you’ll never use them to open it as the “Carson Flipper” makes it far easier.  These studs actually act as a stop to the knife blade to strengthen the spine at the rotation point on the knife.  Another plus to the strength of this knife.

Next is the deep bellied spear point.   BEST utility design I’ve used in a knife. The deep belly not only makes the knife stronger, but gives it a very rich and useful edge for a variety of cutting tasks.  It also has a simple curve to sharpen with no odd angles.  And as far as sharpening, I have to say, I’m a huge fan of CRKT blades because they use the 8Cr14Mov steel which is a perfect balance between affordability, strength and ease of sharpening.   You can buy more expensive knives with better steel that take more effort to sharpen, but for the average guy using this knife, the extra $60 bucks can be used somewhere else as it’s not needed in this knife.

The G10 handle is good, it is a bit more “Square” than I like, but it’s a good compromise between carry and use.  A flat handle makes carrying easier and less bulky, while a rounded handle fits the hand better.  This guy is about as good a fit as you can get ½ way between those two options.

This knife has the patented AutoLAWKS™  system which uses a spring and lock mechanism to push the blade lock (Locking liner style) into place and binds it

with a lock.  This is as close to a fixed blade quality folder as you can get.  I have used this system extensively for a year (and the non-spring loaded version on the older CRKT M16 model knives for 4 or 5 years) and they are simple to operate (Takes a little practice to learn to unlock it one handed but once you figure it out, it is simple to unlock one handed).

The spring steel clip can be changed to any of 4 positions,  so you can carry right/left handed and tip up/down.  NOTE:  CRKT Does not recomend TIP up pocket carry because this knife does not “Lock” closesed in any way and typcial movement would allow gravity to partially open the knife in the pocket.  Tip up carry is for Molle or other gear type carry

It does require a small star drive to change though.  I did not have the correct size so I modified an old mini straight screwdriver to do the trick.

I have tortured this knife as a typical day to day user and am happy to say I would buy it a hundred times over.  Best knife price to performance ratio on the market.  You can’t buy a better $40 knife that performs at the level of most $100 knives.  This thing is fast, solid and performs amazingly well.

On a scale of 1 to 10, this is one of the few products I would ever give an 11.  One of the best knives available at any price.

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6 responses to “CRKT M21-14SFG EDC Knife

  • Fritz

    Good review. The knife is a little big for an EDC for me. I really like a knife to have bot serrated and a clean edge close to the tip. For me that gives the best bang for the buck. Keep up the good work and keep the reviews coming

  • Abel

    The m21-12g if a smaller version and great as an EDC

  • Docwatmo

    Before this guy, I had the M16 model and it was just as good but without the Veff serrations. I REALLY like the looks of the M21-12g as a smaller backup version. Thanks for the post.

  • Tom Veff

    My name is Tom Veff and I designed the serration patern that is on the knife you reviewed. I would like to correct you on the name of the serration pattern. They are patented and registered under the name of “Veff-Serrations”. They are not called “Sharks Tooth” serrations.
    I thank you for the GREAT review. Keep up the good work!!!
    Best Regards,
    Tom Veff

  • Patriot Unknown

    Great review. I’ve been considering one of these myself. Thanks!

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