SBC-10 Solar Charger (With Battery)

Found this little guy on listed as $59.97 with a $50.00 discount.  Too good a deal to pass up I assumed.  So I ordered a couple of them.

Prolynkz SBC-10 Mobile Power Pak Solar Charger

First of all, at the full (Supposedly retail?) price they are not worth the cost.  However, most internet searches turn them up at between $9 and $13.   I would buy these at up to $12 but no more.

First of all a little description.   This is a combination solar charger/battery pack.  It has a battery (not a very big battery).  Some nice features for such a cheap device.

It comes with a USB charging cable (To charge from a USB port), and adapters for several of the current run of phones and MP3 Players.  It also includes an embedded sollar cell to charge the battery in the field.

I spent a week at scout camp and did some testing with this device.  I will say right out of the box that it is a little underpowered for my phone.  I use an HTC Touch pro 2 smartphone and from dead battery, this device (fully charged) got me about 1/3 to 1/2 a charge which is good for the price.

The solar cell produced enough voltage to show charging on the phone, however, after 1 hour of solar charging (on a dead battery on the device) in direct sunlight, it only charged 20% on the phone.

This is what I would call cheap insurance.  I put one of these on the dashboard of our vehicle and its always charged and ready to go, throw it in a pack or pocket and head out the door.   It will run your phone in an emergency just fine.   Or get you the extra 20 minutes needed to finish a call etc.

All in all, its a great device for the cheap price.  I now have 4 of them and give them as gifts to other family members.


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