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Hello fellow average guys (and gals).   Welcome to the Average Guys review blog.  There are lots of reviews available from all kinds of experts on the web.  however, many of them are top down extreme reviews, pushing gear past its limits and dissecting gear and equipment with a laser and give it reviews from a totally tactical (For tactical gear) or life and death only (for prepper gear) standpoint.   Those are good reviews if your a SEAL or Special Forces or your life depends on a particular piece of 1 off gear in the field.  However, what about the rest of us, who may use that gear for a weekend or 2 weeks out of the year etc.   We don’t need to filter through all the details and torture tests associated with that level of gear review.   So I decided to attack gear reviews from a different angle.   From the perspective of the average guy, who may not be former SEALs or a subject matter expert experts and so on.  Not that I don’t trust those guys,  There are some amazing people out there who can do a tremendous job of teaching and reviewing.  (The late Ron Hood for example as an amazing woodsman and teacher).  Check out Hoods Woods for some great videos and other items and information.

Also, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the amazing people at The Survival Podcast.   This group of people has produced the premier preppers forum with information on Homesteading, gardening, firearms, emergency preparedness, safety and a whole lot more.  And the podcasts are top notch, done by Jack Spirko, a truly intelligent, down to earth speaker with a wide ranging knowledge of subjects such as economics, emergency preparedness, gardening, firearms  and many many more.

I’m going to bring you reviews from the perspective of the average guy using equipment like an average guy would.  Not the 2% guys pushing stuff past its limits.  Not everyone needs that level of knowledge and detail to determine if a product will suit them.

I hope you’ll enjoy the reviews and maybe learn a thing or two in the process,  I know I sure will.

Tune in for the first review on the Gerber Bear Grylls survival knife kit coming soon.

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